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Since the passage of the bond issue in May, 2002, Arapahoe Park and Recreation District has been busy with many planning, interviewing and hiring issues concerning the building of the new Recreation Center.

The district interviewed several Project Management Firms and eventually hired The Wells Partnership, Inc. to perform Project Management, Construction Management and Consulting Services for the Recreation Center project.  The Wells Partnership, Inc. is an established and experienced firm that will guide the district through the Recreation Center project, from beginning to end.

The district also held a design competition amongst four well known local architectural firms. Each firm was asked to create a design concept, construction budget and construction timeline after being given the original proposed floorplans, elevation drawings, budget and programming plans. Each firm used a variety of techniques to present an overall design plan that would maximize square footage, create multifunction areas for flexible programming and remain within the stated budget. The district has hired Ohlson Lavoie Architects to provide architectural, engineering and consulting services for the Recreation Center.

The district also interviewed a number of Construction Management and General Contractor firms for the actual construction of the Recreation Center. The district has hired Saunders Construction to build the Recreation Center.

It has taken several months to put in place the team that will work together in planning and constructing the Recreation Center. The district, like you is anxious to break ground. Obviously, there are many more details to work out and much more planning to accomplish.  One item that needs to be finalized before the district can begin construction is the completion of the bridge across Piney Creek; finishing the extension of Buckley Road south to Arapahoe Road.  Cost effective access to the Recreation Center site is dependent upon this bridge and road.  The bridge dedication ceremony is scheduled for October 23, 2003.

Based on the current construction timeline, it is anticipated that the Recreation Center will open during the 4th Quarter of 2004.

A Brief History of the Recreation Center Project
(included are the original conceptual drawings)

In 1996 the Arapahoe Park and Recreation District Board of Directors commissioned a survey to determine community interest for an indoor recreation facility. Seventy-three % of the people who responded to the survey expressed a desire for a recreation center. In 1997 we organized two separate homeowner committees to determine what recreational activities we should design into the facility. We then hired an architectural firm to provide preliminary design concepts, site locations, and construction cost.  In addition, we developed a preliminary operating cost budget with the assistance of Ballard King and Associates. Our challenge for the past several years was in obtaining land sufficient for a recreation center, with good road access, adequate parking, and located in a park like setting.

We have now acquired 21.5 acres at the southwest corner of Buckley and Orchard Road for the recreation center.  The site is along Piney Creek and will have direct access to the Piney Creek trail, which will extend from Cherry Creek reservoir to the Saddle Rock golf development.

Recreation Center Site Orientation

Current site orientation for Recreation Center
View larger version by clicking

We had tremendous cooperation from MDC Development Company (Richmond Homes) and Centre Development in agreeing to a no cost land swap for the site with road access off of Buckley Road. Buckley road will be completed south of Orchard road in 2003. We also want to thank Arapahoe County and the City of Centennial for their support and assistance in helping us secure the land.  The site will also accommodate an IREA power relay station without any impact to the recreation center operations.

The center will be approximately 80,000 square feet in size and will include an indoor aquatic area to include a swimming pool, water slide and leisure pool.  The center will also have a weight room, aerobics room, cardio fitness area, a gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms, craft room with kitchen area, an indoor running track, climbing wall, locker rooms, children’s programs and administrative offices.  The budgeted cost for the recreation center will be $17.5 million. Voters approved a General Obligation Bond Issue on May 7, 2002.

Recreation Center Elevations

Elevation drawings for Recreation Center
View larger version by clicking

The District currently has approximately 40,000 residents with a final build out projection of approximately 80,000 residents.  Our district is the only sizable population in the Denver metro area that does not have access to an indoor recreation center for its citizens.  We need to provide an affordable recreation facility for all age groups. The bond debt will add a maximum 4-mill levy to our property tax.  Based on the county’s 2001 Tax Year assessment payable in 2002, a home with a market value of $250,000.00 (this is a Total Assessed Value of $22,925.00) will pay an additional $91.16 per year in taxes—or $7.60 per month.   The bond payments will be fixed over the 20-year term and as the District grows and adds households, your actual dollar cost could decline each year as the fixed debt is distributed over more households.

User fees will pay for the operating costs of the center from those who actually use the recreation center.  The Center will have two fee schedules--resident and non-resident rates.  If resident usage fills the occupancy capacity of the Center, we will close the facility to non-residents. Our fee schedule will be consistent with other public recreation centers in the south metro area of Denver.  The Board is confident that our current operating budget will provide a sufficient reserve to cover any operating deficiency between user fees and expenses. Our operating budget and reserves will grow with the growth of the district.

The Board is excited about the opportunity to complete this long awaited recreational facility and would appreciate your support. If you would like to learn more, please call 303-730-6109 and leave your name, address, and phone number.


Arapahoe Park & Recreation District
Summary of Feasibility Study
April 12, 2002

Population:  Primary Service area (<15 minute drive time) has 120K people.
                 District population of 40,000 to grow to 80,000 people.

Age:  Ages 5-17 represent 23% of population
       Ages 25-44 represent 35% of population
       Indicates families & young children make up largest population base
       Median Age is younger (33.7 years) than national average (35.6 years).

Income:  Annual family Income ($57,202) higher than national average                       ($41,368).

Activities/Nat’l Ranking: Walking (1) Swimming (2) Exercise Equipment (5) Basketball (9) Aerobics (12) Running (15) Volleyball (25) Martial Arts (41) Racquetball (51).

  • Greatest growth trend in last 10 years is in fitness related activities (weights, cardiovascular equipment, aerobics) and leisure pools.

Non-Sport Activities: More than just sports! Arts, Music, Dance, Acting, Writing, Weaving, Photography, Pottery, Teen Activities, Meeting Space--are in high demand.  Our multi purpose rooms will provide space for these activities.

Size:  Majority of community centers being built are between 65-75,000 Square feet. We are targeting 80,000.00 Square feet.

Cost:  Up to $17,500,00.00 to build.

Bond debt: $7.61 per month for average home valued at $250,000.00.  As district grows, fixed costs distributed over more homes, lowering per month/per home.

Use fees: Daily use fees will be similar to Parker Recreation Center.  $3.50-$4.00 per day for adults, $2.00 for children, with monthly/annual discount packages for individuals and families.  Non-resident fees targeted 30% higher.

Attendance: Daily average of 684 residents to meet preliminary budget.

Hours of Operations: To Be Determined based on budget and user input.  Current hours of operation are listed here.

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