Skatepark Information

Pictures of the completed skatepark.
Opened for fun on November 20, 2004

The Board of Directors for Arapahoe Park and Recreation District (APRD) hired the services of The Architerra Group to design the skatepark on the site of The Trails Recreation Center. APRD and The Architerra Group held three workshops soliciting input from the local skating community. We would like to thank the many people who attended these workshops and contributed their ideas.

Skatepark Master Plan


Public Input Process

The Architerra Group will facilitate a series of workshops to solicit meaningful input from the skating community. The workshops will be informal, interactive and fun. We are planning a hands-on series of workshops as follows:

Workshop #1, Program Elements:
The first workshop will be set up to discuss ideas about what the local skaters want in “their” skatepark. Fee free to bring photographs from magazines or from other skateparks. We discuss what they like or dislike about places they skate now. We discuss materials and detailed skating elements.

Workshop #2, Alternative Skatepark Concept Plans:
We will bring two or three concept plan alternatives to the second workshop. These will be fairly detailed plans with supporting sections to help everyone understand what the alternatives will look like.  We usually break up into smaller groups with a skater representing each group. The skater will report back to the larger group about their likes, dislikes or other ideas.  They do not pick one of the alternatives. They may like portions of each alternative or have completely different ideas. The goal is to come away from this workshop with good direction about how to prepare a single plan.

Workshop #3, Skatepark Concept Plan:
We will refine the skater’s ideas from the second workshop into a conceptual plan and sections.  We will discuss the plan and the details and usually end up refining or making minor modifications to this plan.

Next Steps

Once we have a final concept plan, we start the detailed construction documents. It usually takes 2-3 months to complete the documents and then we will select bids from pre-qualified skatepark construction contractors.

This will be your park so please plan to attend. Families are welcome.

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